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Why a Brand with a Soul?

For decades we have been giving Brands personality, preferences and beliefs; attributing them loyalty and likability and in certain cases even making them responsible for their actions, very much like an individual person . . . We recognized in that analogy an opportunity to take the Brand further in it's journey of growth by endowing it with an integral part of existence: A Soul.

Defining What a Soul Is

We define Soul as intelligent life separate from the body, where the vital spark, emotional and ethical aspect of a person, or in this case a Brand resides.

The Impact of Ensouled Brands

Our world needs Ensouled Brands, Brands on a quest that unify individual customer, team member and ownership on a shared journey, Brands with a desire to drive a positive change on individuals, communities and the planet at large, evolving our economic system and actively reshaping our society . . . Brands that bring personal fulfillment by connecting passion to the daily work of an enterprise. Brands with a Soul.

We would love it if you were to join us on this life-long journey.