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Soul Kapture

It holds
You find the Brand Soul through the founder image

Capturing the Brand's Soul Through the Founder

Every Brand is an emanation of a Founder, therefore our starting point is the notation of who you are, the discovery will provide a source of insights into beliefs, values, ideals, and personality that will lay the foundation for your Brand’s Soul. 

The Process

The Soul-Kapture session is conducted in two stages:


  • You are given a questionnaire shared through Google Docs to answer on you own terms
  • Once the questionnaire is completed, the questionnaire is revised and synthesized in collected observations


  • A virtual meeting is scheduled where we get clear about your answers and get a "feel" for your energy
  • We take 3-5 days to compile and analyze the insights gained


  • Soul-Kapture Digest™
    Submit an assessment of the brand's distinct opportunities and business needs


The Soul-Kapture™ Provides You With Insights into Your Brand and it's Opportunities


It includes the Session and the Insights Document where the broad strokes of your Brand's Soul is identified Schedule a Soul-Kapture Session

Are you Ready? 

Is your Brand ready for a Soul? If you are not clear, have a soul-to-soul with Orphea and schedule a 15 minute call. Schedule Here.


Orphea is a Brand House dedicated to creating Ensouled Brands. We define Ensouled Brands as the brands that will lead in the new era of business. Brands on a Quest seeking to make a specific Impact. Brands that are authentic, meaningful and uniquely differentiated. Brands that connect and are built for the long-term. Brands with a Soul.

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