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Invite Individuals to Join Your Brand on a Journey


Why Does Your Brand Exist?

This is a philosophical question as much as it is a strategic one. 

Recent world events have made apparent the cracks that exist in today's pervasive business culture: A lack of care for the individual, society and the planet at large coupled with a hyper-focused race towards the "bottom-line" at whatever the cost. This has brought the once trite question of "How are you making the world a better place" front and center in the minds of individual consumers, would-be team members, investors and other business collaborators as your Brand is evaluated for adoption.

Could This Be a Passing Trend?

Not likely.

This shift was already steadily amplifying prior to the pandemic with movements such as Conscious Capitalism, Stakeholder Capitalism, New Capitalism and Purpose Driven Capitalism, a clear indicator that the general course is here to stay.


How Does This Impact Brands?

The economy is now primed for a new generation of Brands.

Brands that root themselves in the pursuit of an authentic Quest, a Quest that can benefit the individual, society and the planet we all inhabit, which in turn, according to the "Father of Capitalism" Adam Smith in "The Wealth of Nations", will undoubtedly benefit the enterprise itself. Brands with strong and authentic Quests have always enjoyed far more success than their predecessors who participate in the purely commoditized models of features, benefits and pricing; because Brands on a Quest have a journey to share with us, and we all want to feel the positive power of being able to participate in a worthy Quest.


How Do I Bestow a Brand with a Quest?

Soul-searching must be involved.

Your Brand needs to clearly define what it's Quest is (the Air element in an Ensouled Brand) along with the impact it aims to make (the Earth element), this is where the choices will be made over the coming decades, have your Brand stand for something that deeply resonates with you as a founder (the Fire element(, and it will authentically resonate with a consumer base that holds similar beliefs to your Brand.


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