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Brand Symbol

Distinctive symbols that hold meaning.

Logo is the general word used for a graphic designed to visually represent a Brand, Company, Auteur, Service or Product. It has been commoditized to the point where it holds no meaning and is produced with no homage to the art. As such, we prefer to use the word Symbol as the visual representation of the Brand.

  • A symbol is a mark, sign, or word that indicates, signifies, or is understood as representing an idea, object, or relationship.

Orphea intends to bring a veneration to the creation of a symbol that is connected to the Soul of your Brand. Symbols are meant to withstand time and easily evolve, they include both a stand-alone Symbol and a special treatment to the text which holds the name of your Brand.

There is something beautiful about a Symbol that attempts to encompass the meaning of a Brand. You can almost call it alchemical.