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What does your Brand stand for?  What do you believe?  The Brand-Kredo™ delineates the spirit in which your Brand engages its daily work throughout all touchpoints. It is the philosophy by which your Brand lives.  

From Proto-Indo-European (PIE)  *ḱred dʰeh₁- (“to place one's heart, to trust, believe”).

What Is A Brand-Kredo™?

A Kredo can be applied to many aspects of a business at a granular level: code of conduct, business practices, customer service. In this case we will be referring to the Brand-Kredo™ as the set of internal principles by which your Brand-Soul™ guides its overarching actions and decisions. It is the Brand's internal compass.

Benefits Of A Brand-Kredo™:

  • It lays the foundation for your Brand's culture

  • It clearly articulates what your Brand believes and what it stands for

  • It keeps your Brand's decisions consistent

  • It assists your Brand in marketing efforts


[The Brand-Kredo™ is part of the Brand-Codex™]


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