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Brand Codex

Chapter II, The Brand Codex


The Brand-Codex holds the principles that inspire and guide you in the daily business of building an Ensouled Brand.


You find the Brand Soul through the founder image

What is a Brand Codex?

The Brand-Codex is a growth tool. It is a multi-page document that captures in it's pages:

  1. Brand Soul - Fulfilled by the 5 elemental principles:

    FIRE, The Passion That Will Fuel You
    The Founder's Passion Statement & Origin Story

    AIR, The Quest That Will Lift You
    The Worthy Quest your Brand will Pursue and Represent

    WATER, The Currents That Will Propel You Forward
    The Markets, Industries or Fields Where Your Passion and Quest Will Pour Into and Communicate Through

    EARTH, The Impact You Aim To Make
    The Visionary Long-Term Impact you Want your Brand to Achieve in the Life of the People it Serves, the Planet, our Society, etc.

    AZOTH, Awareness of The Other Four, Our Will, The Binder 
    Your Will and Desire to Begin, the Azoth is Your Internal Power of Decision that Binds the Other Four Elements Together

  2. Brand Kredo - We Believe Statements

  3. Brand Personality - Cardinal Trait, Central Traits, Secondary Traits, Brand Personality Statement

  4. Brand Positioning Statement - How does the Brand differentiate itself and who is it's ideal customer

    The Brand-Codex is a fully designed document with the emerging elements of your Brand's graphical language.
You find the Brand Soul through the founder image

How Do I Use a Brand-Codex™

Whereas before it was the founder's own personal preferences that made the choices, awarded the projects, selected the team members, and directed the design and content... that role now belongs to The Brand, it is no longer "My Business" and therefore my decision, it is "The Brand's" decision made through the Brand-Codex™ 


  1. Brand-Codex, with your Brands Design Language. PDF format.
  2. Brand-Codex, with your Brands Design Language. Printed and Shipped to You..

The Brand-Codex™ The Foundation for an Enduring and Authentic Brand


Your Brand's Growth Strategy in Printed and PDF Format. It includes your Brand's Soul, Kredo, Personality, Positioning Statement and Brand's Graphical Language. Reserve a Brand-Codex Project

Are you Ready? 

Is your Brand ready for a Soul? If you are not clear, have a soul-to-soul with Orphea and schedule a 15 minute call. Schedule Here.


Orphea is a Brand House dedicated to creating Ensouled Brands. We define Ensouled Brands as the brands that will lead in the new era of business. Brands on a Quest seeking to make a specific Impact. Brands that are authentic, meaningful and uniquely differentiated. Brands that connect and are built for the long-term. Brands with a Soul.

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