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Why Orphea Exists

Why Orphea Exists

Orphea was started by a practical designer-philosopher that saw alchemy as more than mere fantasy you read in books, but as a structure for design in balance; a causing of that which already exists in a latent state to become active and grow, the energy that comes before matter, the Soul behind it all.

Our world needs Brands and enterprises with a Soul. Brands that want to make an impact and drive positive change, with roots based on something deeper than a mere monetary transaction, Brands that will steward us into the next wave of Capitalism.


 Symbol Earth Elemental Principle

The Impact we Aim to Make:

Our Vision of the World

A new Capitalism, where enterprises offer the best product or service possible, while causing no harm to the individual consumer, the communities they serve and the planet at large. With transparency and integrity, with love for what they do.