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Visual et Graphic Design

Design for Print and Web. Aesthetic. Relevant. Selective.

If a piece of design is to communicate it's content, first it has to captivate in some way shape or form. Both online and physical spaces are saturated with ads, banners and messaging that clamor for your attention, what will stand out from the sea of graphical noise? Design that has been planned within a context and has a goal to achieve.

What Makes for a Great Design?

Context makes great design:

  • Who is the target customer?
    - Business to Consumer
    - Business to Business
    - What are the target customer's goals?
  • What is the design medium?
    - Online static
    - Online dynamic, video
    - Print
  • How will it be displayed or distributed?
    - Hand to hand distribution
    - Standard mail distribution
    - Outdoor display, large format
    - Indoor display, small to large format
    - Indoor display, table or display
    - Packaged product displayed next to other products
  • What is the design's goal
    - Direct purchase
    - Phone call
    - Walk-in
    - Click through
    - Subscription to news
    - Email

Good Communication makes great design:

  • Well written content
  • Structured in digestible pieces
  • Visually interesting if not stunning