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The Technology

We define Technology1 as the combination of theory and science by which we forge an Ensouled Brand. The Technology of the Ensouled Brand rests on the following concepts:


Everything Is Energy 

Energy is the Basis for Reality
Science, specifically quantum physics, has continuously proven that everything in the universe is energy and if everything is energy, then surely the amalgamation that is a Brand also is a type of energy.


Ancient Technology

A Combination of Science and Philosophy
The mystery schools of ancient times were a balance of philosophy and the pervasive sciences of the time. This combination of science and philosophy is what leads us to believe that the energy of a Brand can be captured through the philosophical concept of a Soul.


The Classical Elements

All Forms are a Compound
The ancient mystics of Egypt and Greece believed all matter or forms to be composed of 4 basic elemental principles in a compound – Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, plus a 5th called “Azoth“. These elements stood for higher principles rather than for the physical elements themselves. It is through these compounded  higher principles that we endow the Brand with the richness and complexity of a Soul.


The Body-Soul Relationship

We can not help but see the relationship that exists between humankind as creation, with it’s body and soul; and Brand as creation with it’s own body and soul. The body in both cases being the physical manifestation of the essence or compound that is soul.

These self-evident concepts are what drives our theory, for it is the Soul that fuels, that inspires and evolves, it is the Soul that gives dynamic life, without it . . .  A Brand’s “life” simply lacks coherence and balance, and within time incoherent Brands simply fade away.

Technology: From Proto-Indo-European (PIE) *teks-na- "craft" and from Greek tekhnologia "systematic treatment of an art, craft, or technique"