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Soul-Kapture™ Session

Welcome to the Soul-Kapture Product Page


The Soul-Kapture™ is Step 1 in the creation of an Ensouled Brand,

it identifies and synthesizes the core themes and opportunities of your Brand.


You find the Brand Soul through the founder image

Capturing The Brand-Soul Through The Trailblazer

Every Brand is an emanation of a trailblazer, therefore our starting point is the notation of who you are. The discovery process will provide a source of insight into your values, ideals, and personality that will lay the foundation for your Brand-Soul.  

The Discovery Process

The Soul-Kapture Session is conducted in 4 parts:

Part 1


  • We introduce ourselves and speak about your vision and the impact you dream of making
  • Lenght: 60+ minutes

Part 2


  • You are given a questionnaire shared through Google Docs to answer in your own space and on your own quality time where we visit origins, business goals and the ideal future
    (We recommend you set apart solitary time for this, it can take 3-5 days to complete)  
  • Once the questionnaire is completed, the answers are synthesized in collected observations

Part 3


  • A virtual meeting is scheduled where we get clarity about your answers and get a "feel" for your energy
  • Lenght: 60+ minutes
  • We take 5-7 days to compile and analyze the insights gained

Part 4


  • Soul-Kapture Digest™ 
    The digest (a text document in PDF format) outlines the initial findings:
    • Your Brand's unique opportunities within the industry
    • Your Brand's distinctive core themes
    • Your Brand's connection to your passion

Soul-Kapture™ provides insight into your Brand and its opportunities... and identifies the broad strokes of your Brand-Soul.


It includes the Session and the Digest Schedule a Soul-Kapture™ Session

Are you Ready? 

Is your Brand ready for a Soul? If you are not clear, have a Soul-To-Soul with Orphea and schedule a complimentary 15 minute call. Schedule Here.


Orphea is a Brand House dedicated to creating Ensouled Brands. We define Ensouled Brands as the brands that will lead in the new era of business. Brands on a Quest seeking to make a specific Impact. Brands that are authentic, meaningful and uniquely differentiated. Brands that connect and are built for the long-term. Brands with a Soul.

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