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How Do You Capture A Soul? . . . Beginning the Journey that finds the focus of your Brand.

Every Brand is an Emanation of a Founder

All Brands start as an idea, the will of an individual to create. That individual, gives the initial shape to the Brand’s Soul, she/he seeds their passion, desire, interests, vision and will into it . . . After that, the Brand’s Soul is what guides the life of the Brand.

Soul-Kapture™ Sessions

  1. We Identify
    Our starting point is the documentation of who you are as a Trailblazer or Founder through the Soul-Kapture™ Sessions, this will provide a source of insights into beliefs, values and personality.
  2. We Synthesize & Deliver a Soul-Kapture™ Digest
    The initial findings in a text document that outlines:
    • Your Brand's unique opportunities within the industry
    • Distinctive core themes
    • How to connect your passion to your Brand

After you complete the Soul-Kapture™ Sessions, you have the option to continue onto Step 2 which is the creation of the Brand-Codex™