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Brand Uniqueness Statement

What truly sets you apart?

What is a Brand Uniqueness Statement?

A Brand Uniqueness Statement (also known as Brand positioning*) is the process of creating a statement that describes how your brand sets itself apart from the rest in the mind of individual customers, with language that an actual individual consumer would use, in an accurate and legitimate way.

A Brand Uniqueness Statement Contains

  1. Ideal Target Customer

  2. Product (or Service)

  3. Product (or Service) Category

  4. Purpose of the Product (or Service)

  5. Unique Differentiation Point Within the Market


Statement must be under 350 characters, capture the essence of your brand along with it's distinctive offer.

What is the Function of the Positioning Statement?

To direct ad and marketing campaigns. To maintain the focus expressed within the positioning statement and not end up with fluctuations on the target segment and the brand's unique offer.


As in almost everything in branding, positioning is a dynamic process rather than a "one-and-done" occurrence as Geoffrey A. Moore from "Crossing the Chasm" states.

* The Branding sector utilizes terminology that it often un-intuitive, so in certain cases we will re-interpret existing terminologies into "friendlier" terms

[Brand Uniqueness Statement is part of the Brand-Codex™]