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Ensoul your Brand through the 5 elemental principles of Fire, Air, Water, Earth et Azoth. 

Defining What a Soul Is

We define Soul as a principle of intelligent life separate from the body, where the vital spark, emotional and ethical aspect of a person, or in this case a Brand resides.

What is a Brand-Soul™?

We believe a Brand is the of the thoughts, intentions and inspiration that gave rise to your business. We believe each Brand can radiate it’s own unique energy signature, and that unique signature can be captured within the concept of a Soul. 

Within our framework, we focus the Brand through the Soul which is composed of 5 elemental principles: Fire, Air, Water, Earth et Azoth, these are "empty" containers that are "filled" with the energy of your Brand, their interaction and balance are what gives a Brand it's coherent force and allows it to stay true, consistent and on quest.

  1. FIRE, The Passion That Will Fuel You
  2. AIR, The Quest That Will Lift You
  3. WATER, The Currents That Will Propel You Forward
  4. EARTH, The Impact You Aim To Make
  5. AZOTH, Awareness of The Other Four, Our Will, The Binder 


Benefits Of An Ensouled Brand

  • You give individuals a reason to choose your Brand that goes beyond features, benefits and pricing
  • Individual consumer connection through a shared quest
  • Making the world a better place through your Brand's unique contribution
  • Built for the long-term
  • Inspired work force
  • Increased loyalty



[Brand-Soul™ is part of the Brand-Codex™]