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The Brand's Soul resides in the Brand-Codex™.  A Codex speaks of origins, revered work, a code to follow, an undertaking of a whole thing . . . Such is the aim of capturing a Brand.

What is a Brand-Codex™?

Your Brand-Codex™ is a tool. It holds the principles that mean to inspire and guide you in the daily business of building and maintaining an Ensouled Brand.

In our system, the Brand-Soul™ is composed of five elemental principles: Fire, Air, Water, Earth et Azoth, these as empty containers that will be filled with the energy and values of your brand:

Fire Symbol for Passion Air Symbol for Quest Water Symbol for Currents Earth Symbol for Impact Azoth Symbol for Your Will and Desire

The Brand-Codex™ captures in it's pages:

  1. Brand-Soul™ - Fulfilled by the 5 elemental principles:

    FIRE, The Passion That Will Fuel You
    AIR, The Quest That Will Lift You
    WATER, The Currents That Will Propel You Forward
    EARTH, The Impact You Aim To Make
    AZOTH, The Awareness Of The Other Four, The Desire And Will To Bring The Other 4 Elements Together. The Binder
  2. Brand-Kredo™ - We Believe Statements
  3. Brand Personality - Cardinal Trait, Central Traits, Secondary Traits, Brand Personality Statement
  4. Brand Uniqueness Statement - How does the Brand differentiate itself and who is it's ideal customer

    The Brand-Codex is a fully designed document with the emerging elements of your Brand's graphical language.

What is contained in the brand codex



How do I use a Brand-Codex™?

Your Brand lives by the Brand Codex.

Your Brand-Codex™ is the source from which your Brand emanates. It shapes the body of your business decisions and gives you the foundation from which to build an Ensouled Brand across all customer touch-points and communication channels.